French Enamel House Numbers

We have been selling the traditional French blue and white enamel signs on a daily basis for 10 years now. Our supplier Patrick is based in Saint Ouen, France and has been manufacturing house number plaques using traditional techniques for decades. French signs in a particular shade of blue with white numbers and border adorn nearly every street in France but are not available for visitors to buy. French house owners can order them from the local Mairie (town clerk) though will even order them from us in the UK as this is sometimes considered a quicker option!


Made from Vitreous Enamel (powdered glass melted onto steel), the signage goes through a labour intensive three stage kiln process, being fired at over 800°C resulting in the beautiful glossy finish that lasts a lifetime provided the surface doesn’t crack – small chips will result in rusting and corrosion but this is nothing a touch of paint wont fix! On a recent trip to France, Dawn from the Willow & Stone team took a number of gorgeous shots of local entranceways for us, all featuring the traditional signage.

I feel quite inspired by these images. I particularly love the colours, the worn paint work and aged metal grilles and detailing not to mention the ever-so slightly imperfect bright blue house number plaques of which we are all so fond, which are found marking out virtually every property on every street all over France!
2022 Update: Unfortunately our French Enamel Numbers have now been discontinued, but we still have a couple in stock - view the numbers from 1-100 we have left here.