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Fingerplates, Pushplates and their History

Fingerplates (also known as push plates) were popular between approximately 1850 and 1950. They served two purposes. Firstly to protect doors from greasy fingers that would ultimately damage wood and paintwork - the brass and copper plates would be cleaned daily. Secondly, they were seen as a means of the designers of hardware at that time expressing their artist abilities which is why they were often quite elaborate and pretty. The copper plates were made from pressed copper and so very thin which has made removal from old doors very difficult - most originals end up broken and bent and get thrown away.

Our collection of reproduction fingerplates are available in some popular designs and some are created in the authentic manner - being in 'pressed brass' (so thin and light weight - but sturdy once in position). Others are cast and therefore solid, heavier and flat.
Our finishes include polished brass, aged brass and nickel plated brass. Also the extremely popular ceramic fingerplates seen extensively in houses dating from the Victorian period upto the present day.

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