Polished Brass Maintenance


About the finish

Our most durable and versatile finish, Polished Brass is achieved by highly polishing the surface of solid, unlacquered brass. Our favourite thing about this finish is that it can be polished regularly to maintain the shine or left to age gracefully over time and develop an authentic antique patina.


Suitable for interior and exterior use.
Solid Brass pieces won’t rust or corrode, however as the finish is unlacquered fittings will age and tarnish over time, and this will happen more quickly when used externally.
The build-up of corrosive residue from rain, salty sea air and traffic affect all finishes eventually, so it is advisable to keep your goods clean to avoid this. In most circumstances this only means a quick clean every couple of months.
External fittings and window fittings (where windows are often open to the elements) are most likely to be prematurely affected by weather. Polishing as described above may be more necessary on these products. If you live in a particularly exposed coastal environment external products will require regular cleaning.


To keep your brass looking shiny we recommend polishing once a month, or when you spot signs of surface tarnishing. Use a suitable Brass polish (such as Brasso) and a soft, clean cloth to buff away any surface tarnishing.
If you prefer a well-maintained but authentic ‘aged’ look, polish pieces less frequently and with a gentler touch. Use a small amount of polish and apply pressure only to the raised surfaces – on a product with detail this will mean that the crevices are left to darken over time, giving a more defined and well-worn appearance.
If you prefer a more antique appearance, you can allow your Brass to darken over time. If you never polish your products they will dull right down and, depending on the level of copper they contain, may develop a greenish tinge. One of the great things about Polished Brass is that even after years of tarnishing have built up on your fittings, generally a good Brass polish (and a good bit of elbow grease!) can still regain the shine. For more serious cases, a very fine wire wool can be used with the polish, although this should be done with caution to avoid scratching the Brass surface.

Top tips

Polished Brass is one of the easiest finishes to care for, making it a great choice for indoors and outdoors, even in coastal environments.


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