Supporting British Made

Including Products That Are Fairtrade And Ethically Produced



Our main UK foundry are based in the West Midlands and are producing our Period style ironmongery using traditional sand casting for the highest quality finish. A business which has thrived for generations - it gives us great pleasure in being part of their long lasting success. We receive large deliveries 3 times a week although you may have to wait as production of this quality by hand, takes time!

We also work with woodturning artisans producing our oak welly stands, wall racks, loo roll holders, pictures ledges, boot jacks, peg rails, garden sundries and light pulls. Using traditional methods and skills to produce timeless high quality products which remain firm best sellers here.

Nutscene are a Scotland based small company supplying us with lovely old twine in a myriad of colours on a variety of spools. The company dates back to 1922 when their products were first made in Dundee, the birthplace of the jute industry. Their twine is still produced on original machinery which now operates out of a small mill in the heart of Angus. As a company they work closely with British craftsmen and women. This helps support a network of highly skilled rural businesses throughout the UK.

Many of our illustrators and designers are based in the UK, and where possible Cornwall (along with plenty further afield too).

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Some of our brass and nickel handles are made by a family who have produced them for decades in the UK. However, in recent years, one of the brothers has relocated the production to a small foundry in South Africa providing much needed employment for local people, regularly shipping the authentic replicas back to his brother in Oxfordshire. We are proud to stock these products which are some of the best reproductions available.



Our collection of stunning quality German brushes and implements are still manufactured by a Family run business of 3 generations – over 75 years! They are one of the last producers of hand-crafted brushes in Germany. Many of their products are crafted by the blind.


Nkuku, one of our main giftware suppliers is a Dorset based business we have seen grow hugely over the past 10 years. Their creator was inspired by a year travelling through India and Africa. The aim was to support local artisans and improve their challenging living conditions. They promote and develop the traditional skills of artisans they met along the way and to focus on fair trade and equal opportunity. They also use sustainable and ethical materials. We are proud to be part of their growth.