Bronze Maintenance


Bronze doctors door knocker on pale door

About The Finish

To achieve this striking finish, solid bronze is shaped using traditional sand casting methods, aged to deepen the shade, and then polished to a high shine. Bronze has a deep reddish colour due to its high copper content, and the ageing process brings out a multitude of hues.
The polished surface of this finish enhances the multicoloured tones as they reflect the light, making this finish truly unique. Surface blemishes and small indentations on the surface are a natural effect of the sand-casting process due to the porosity of bronze and make every piece unique, and as this finish is unlacquered it will deepen and develop over time as fittings oxidise.


Suitable for interior and exterior use.
Solid bronze is a highly durable metal so this finish is suitable for use outside, and pieces will last on your door for years to come even when exposed to the elements. As this finish is unlacquered,exposure to the air, oils on our hands and atmospheric pollutants will cause the finish to deepen and tarnish over time.


Regular cleaning will remove any build-up from the surface of the finish and preserve the longevity of Bronze fittings. Cleaning with warm, mildly soapy water and a soft cloth should be sufficient for general maintenance, ensuring that fittings are thoroughly dried after cleaning.
We don’t recommend using any cleaning agents or polishes on Bronze, as these can affect the finish.

Top Tips

Avoid using abrasive cloths when cleaning your Bronze fittings, as these can leave scratches on the polished finish.
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