Cast Iron Maintenance



Cast iron hook and bracket with wire wool and polish

How our Cast Iron products are made

To make our cast iron fittings (such as brackets, toilet roll holders and rim locks), metal ingots are melted down in a furnace at our suppliers’ foundry and the molten iron is poured into molds. This type of ironwork allows for more detail than forged iron pieces – perfect for the ornate designs and lettering you’ll find on some of our brackets.

For authenticity, our cast iron products are not lacquered, however they are applied with a layer of maintenance wax as the final stage in manufacturing. This offers a basic protection against moisture, but as cast iron is susceptible to rust this finish is not recommended for external use or damp internal environments such as bathrooms.

Caring for Cast Iron 

removing rust from a cast iron hook with wire wool

If any surface rust develops, this can be removed by buffing with a fine grade wire wool and a light oil such as WD-40. If your products arrive with excess wax coating, a wipe over with a cloth will do the trick.

To care for you cast iron pieces over time, simply wipe with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust, or for a more thorough clean you can use water with a small amount of soap and a brush or cloth. Be sure to dry the pieces thoroughly afterwards, as any residual moisture can cause rust.
cleaning a cast iron hook with a soft cloth

For general maintenance of your cast iron pieces, all you’ll need to do is apply a layer of wax or oil from time to time (such as a maintenance wax).

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