Choosing the Correct Size Letterplate and Letter Tidy

Selecting the Correct Size for a Replacement Letterplate

Letterplates and tidies do not come in a universal size and so choosing the correct one to fit an existing cut hole and fixings centres can be tricky. Please see our top tips below to help with choosing the most suitable letterplate and tidy.
The overall size of the letterplate is represented on our website in inches, i.e. 10×4 inch, 12×4 inch. The key to choosing the correct size letterplate is to match the flap measurement (required door aperture) and the bolt fixing centres as closely as possible to the existing opening you have in your door. Sometimes the opening will need adjusting slightly to accommodate the letterplate flap.
If you have a heavily panelled or detailed door you may be restricted on the overall letterplate size, so do make sure the overall size is correct for your door and will fit in the space intended.
If none of our letterplates quite work with your current measurements then opting for a larger letterplate may be the answer. The opening can be made slightly larger and new fixing holes drilled, but be careful that you have enough space to make these adjustments without compromising the secure fit of the letterplate - and that a new bolt hole is far enough away from an existing one so as not to weaken the wood!
If your door cannot take a larger letterplate then you can fill the opening slightly with wood giving you a smaller opening and a new area of wood to drill the fixing holes into. The letterplate will then cover any additions and the use of a letter tidy will neaten/cover the adjusted hole.
You can find more size information on our product pages and in our Willow & Stone Plain Letterplate Specification here

Selecting the Correct Sized Letter Tidy

Our Internal Letter Tidies are sold separately and in a variety of sizes to suit. A letter tidy keeps the back of the door looking neat by covering the cut hole and fixings, and helps reduce any draughts. It simply secures using two brackets.
The letter tidy can be smaller than the overall size of your letterplate as all it needs to do is cover the fixing and the cut hole. Usually our customers go for a slightly larger size or the same size as their letterplate to give plenty of coverage.
Letterplates that are from the Classic and Traditional range and feature a clapper or stud detail are slightly different as they have a letter tidy that has been designed to work with that specific letterplate. This is called the Heavy Letter Tidy (Nickel or Brass) and is only compatible with the Classic and Traditional – this is because the fixings used for the letter tidy screw through to the letterplate, fixing them together. If you prefer our Internal Letter Tidy (which comes in a variety of sizes) we recommend the 12×4 size which is compatible with the Classic and Traditional Letterplates.
If you need a vertical letterplate or have any other queries please do contact us on 01326 311388 or email and we will be more than happy to advise.

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