Fittings - Screws, Bolts and Spindles

All our screws, bolts and spindle fittings come in standard lengths to ensure they work with the majority or doors and cupboards. As the thickness of kitchen cupboard doors, wardrobe doors and under stair cupboards etc all vary we are unable to provide screws and bolts for every variation. Therefore our fittings may not suit the depth of your cupboard or door but all of our bolts, door spindles and bathroom lock spindles can be cut down using a hacksaw if your doors are thinner.
If the bolt appears slightly too short for cabinet knobs then it can simply be counter sunk into the cupboard door, giving you enough length to attach the cabinet knob securely.
If you do need a longer fitting, do look at the product description on our website which will state what type of bolt it is so you are able to source a more suitable length. Local DIY shops should stock the fittings you will need. Unfortunately we do not supply longer or shorter fittings for each product but of course we will do our best to assist where needed.

Most of our door knobs work with internal and external doors but if you have a very thick door, do get in touch with the measurements and we'd be happy to check if spindle length will work with your door.

Download a PDF version of our screws, bolts and spindles guide here