Polished Nickel Maintenance



About the finish

We describe Polished Nickel as a ‘plated finish’, meaning a layer of Nickel is plated over solid Brass and then polished to a high shine. Many alternatives on the market will plate Nickel over a cheaper metal than Brass, which keeps cost down but means the pieces will corrode quickly. Nickel plated fittings that are cast from solid Brass, however, are initially more costly but will last far longer, standing the test of time.


Suitable for interior and exterior use.
The solid Brass beneath the Nickel plating won’t rust or corrode, but as this is an unlacquered finish, it will oxidise and dull down over time, and this process will be accelerated when pieces are used outside.
The build-up of corrosive residue from rain, salty sea air and traffic affect all finishes eventually, so it is advisable to keep your goods clean to avoid this. In most circumstances this only means a quick clean every couple of months.
External fittings and window fittings (where windows are often open to the elements) are most likely to be prematurely affected by weather. Cleaning may be more necessary on these products. If you live in a particularly exposed coastal environment external products will require more regular cleaning.


Regular cleaning with mild soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth is recommended, particularly for pieces used externally, to remove build-up on the surface of the finish. To keep your Polished Nickel fittings looking shiny we recommend polishing with a proprietary brand of silver polish (we use Autosol or Silvo which are generally available from local DIY stores).


Top tips

Never use abrasive cloths or chemical based cleaning products on Nickel.


If in doubt, drop us an email and we'd be happy to help - contact us at sales@willowandstone.co.uk