Polished Antique Brass Maintenance


Polished Antiqued Brass Regency Door Knob

About the Finish

The perfect middle ground between heavily aged brass finishes and bright Polished Brass, Polished Antique Brass pieces have a dark ageing that’s applied into the detailing and recessed areas on a Polished Brass surface. This gives further depth to the fitting and highlights the detailing beautifully.
As the brass is unlacquered, pieces will continue to age over time, enhancing the applied aged appearance.


Suitable for interior and exterior use.
As the base is solid brass, these fittings are suitable for use outside but bear in mind that pieces will age and tarnish at an accelerated pace if exposed to the elements.


Polished Antique Brass pieces can be cleaned with Brasso, but this should be used carefully to avoid removing the ageing. Use a small amount of Brasso and a soft cloth to gently polish fittings with a light touch, so that the brighter raised areas are polished but the recessed areas are left untouched.

Top Tips

If your preferred designs aren’t available in Polished Antique Brass, bear in mind that this finish can often be mixed and matched with Polished Brass fittings. Although Polished Brass fittings will be brighter and shinier initially, they’ll dull down over time to be a better match for aged fittings.
If you have any further questions about maintaining your Polished Antique Brass fittings, get in touch with our team at sales@willowandstone.co.uk
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