Satin Brass Maintenance


About the finish

To achieve this gorgeous finish, pieces are cast from solid unlacquered brass, and then the surface is brushed to achieve a smooth, satin finish. Satin Brass has the warmth of Polished Brass but the softer texture allows for a more contemporary look.
This is a ‘living finish’, which means that as Satin Brass pieces are used over a long period of time, the finish will gently wear through to reveal the brass beneath, which in turn will oxidise and dull down to create a beautiful, aged effect.


Suitable for interior and exterior use.
As the brushed finish is applied to solid Brass, which is resistant to rust and corrosion, Satin Brass fittings are suitable for exterior use. As Satin Brass is unlacquered, it will tarnish over time, and this will happen more quickly when used outside.


Satin Brass pieces are applied with a protective wax coating as the final stage of manufacturing, which protects the finish and contributes to the matte effect.
To maintain Satin Brass, simply clean gently with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth from time to time to remove any build-up from the surface of the finish. Ensure fittings are thoroughly dry afterwards, and then follow with a light application of pure Beeswax polish.

Top tips

As the matching screws are made from Brass which is a fairly soft metal, we recommend drilling pilot holes first to avoid putting excessive pressure on the screws when securing.
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