Satin Brass Maintenance


Hugely popular, our new range of Satin Brass products are crafted in England to very high standards. Satin Brass has the warmth of polished brass with a smooth brushed finish. Known as a living finish, Satin Brass will continue to age over time.

What is a 'living finish'?

When we refer to a living finish we mean that the finish changes over time. Satin Brass is an unlacquered finish and will dull down and develop a beautiful natural aged patina, warmer and darker than when first purchased.
Do not use Brass polish or any other cleaner on this finish as it will affect the satin finish and removing this 'brushed' finish. That said, if you were ever to polish with Brasso and did this on all the products with the same finish you could still achieve a uniform look - just shinier than intended!
If you are worried about finger prints and grime build-up we recommend regular cleaning with a small amount of soapy water followed by an application of a good Beeswax polish to help protect the finish, but it will naturally dull down and create a beautiful aged patina from oxidisation.