Satin Nickel Maintenance


 Satin Nickel Letterplate with clapper

About The Finish

We describe Satin Nickel as a ‘plated finish’, meaning a layer of Nickel is plated over solid Brass. Many alternatives on the market will plate Nickel over a cheaper metal than Brass, which keeps cost down but means the pieces will corrode quickly.

Nickel plated fittings that are cast from solid Brass, however, are initially more costly but will last far longer, standing the test of time.

Satin Nickel has a brushed texture which gives a beautiful matte, satin appearance. This brings out the warm undertones in the Nickel, and Satin Nickel can have a gently golden/yellow appearance in certain lights.


Suitable for interior and exterior use.
Due to the solid Brass beneath the Nickel plating, Satin Nickel pieces won’t rust or corrode, however as the finish is unlacquered pieces will age and tarnish over time, and this will happen more quickly when used externally.


To remove grime and fingerprints, gently clean Satin Nickel pieces with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Following this with an application of a good Beeswax polish can also help to protect the finish (although make sure that fittings are completely dry first).

Top Tips

Don’t use silver polishes or any other cleaners on Satin Nickel as they can remove the finish.

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