Stainless Steel Maintenance


Marine grade stainless steel front door pull

About the finish

If you’re lucky enough to live in a coastal property, you’ll be familiar with the havoc that high salt levels in the air can wreak on door furniture. Whether you choose lacquered or unlacquered fittings, salt deposits building up on the surface from rain, sea spray and salt air can eat away at the material over time and cause severe tarnishing, pitting and corrosion to even the highest quality products.
Fortunately, Marine Grade Stainless Steel has come to the rescue for coastal homes. Hand-forged from Grade 316 Stainless Steel, these fittings boast an extremely robust base with outstanding corrosion resistance to withstand high salt levels in the air.
Marine Grade Stainless Steel is available in a Polished or Satin finish. The surface of Polished fittings is polished to a high shine, resulting in a bright, crisp finish.
The Satin finish is brushed to a matte sheen, offering a softly textured appearance well suited to contemporary and traditional settings alike. 


Suitable for interior and exterior use.

Having passed 1000+ hours of salt testing, this finish is ideal for seaside locations, as well as areas with high pollution.


As it’s designed to require minimal maintenance, there is little required to protect your Marine Grade Stainless Steel door furniture from the elements.
However, to keep the finish looking its best we recommend occasionally cleaning both the Polished and Satin finish with a soft cloth and mild soapy water, which will remove build-up and grime from the surface. After cleaning, dry fittings immediately with a soft, dry cloth.

Top Tips

Oil moving parts from time to time with a maintenance oil to keep fittings
operating smoothly.