What is a ‘Living Finish’?

cabinet fittings with authentic finishes cradled in hands
A living finish refers to a finish that will change and develop over time and with use.
Most of our finishes are unlacquered, which means that the base metal is free to age gracefully as it reacts with oxygen in the air, oils on our hands, external pollutants and the elements if fitted outside.
Over time, the finish will start to dull and the shade will deepen, and eventually an aged patina will develop on the surface.
In applied finishes (such as Aged Brass, Light Antique Brass and Distressed Antique Brass), areas of frequent use may lighten as the finish wears through to reveal the solid brass beneath.
Why do we love living finishes? Our customers can enjoy watching their carefully selected fittings develop a beautifully authentic, aged appearance over the years, adding to the unique character of their homes.