Bedroom – Window Display

For our September window display we wanted to create two bedroom scenes that would be inviting and sophisticated for an adult and a child. This simple theme would enable us to include a wide variety of our product range from different areas of Our Shop, from Ironmongery to Maileg toys. We were also mindful that the return of students to Falmouth was imminent and that we may inspire some bedroom decor ideas for their new rooms. Both ‘bedrooms’ therefore included a selection of our ever popular and affordable Cavallini wraps presented with our Poster Hangers to decorate the walls.
Designing and creating the window displays at Willow & Stone is always one of our favourite tasks and we were as always excited to plan and get to work on creating what was to be the last display for Sian, who is leaving for an exciting new opportunity.


First things first, a bedroom needs a bed! Our window space is too small to accommodate a real one so instead we made a false one from delivery pallets and packaging and paired this with an antique head board.
We covered the bed in cushions and textiles from our shop (the cushion covers are fashioned from our linen hamman towels) and fitted a brass bassin wall light above for cosy bedtime reading.
A chest of drawers was updated with our large Amadi cabinet knobs with a selection of homewares on top. Above, our oak shelf with cast iron brackets provides the perfect spot for books, candles, vases and plants. Additional greenery was added to storage baskets and a selection of stationary sits on a woven bamboo chair.


We have a lot of lovely youngsters visit our shop with their families and some beautiful children’s toys, books and soft furnishings. The children’s bedroom pulls a selection of these products together in a simple bedroom setting.
Together we selected a soft palette of colours for a simple mural of hills and trees that would be a calm and fun backdrop for picture ledges and a floor area for play. (Paint colours used: ValspaSigh of Relief, Singin' the Blues and Mother Nature).
Hidden under the layers of bedding are cardboard boxes and bubble wrap from our deliveries to create a toddler bed. Behind, a house acts as a head board whilst providing storage to look after books and toys.