Construction of Our Easter Window Display

Nestled away in our window display this Easter break is a variety of some of our favourite products we stock in store or online. Ranging from our authentic ironmongery to our gorgeous stationary and sundries and even some adorable Maileg animals that our younger customers love! We wanted to let our products do the talking for themselves and so decided that they would look perfect displayed in our beautiful hand-made nests.
Here at W&S HQ we always have a pre-window display meeting to chat about initial ideas and bounce off one another’s vision. We all wanted this display to be fun but sophisticated using a soft colour pallet (even the speckled eggs could be a colour inspiration for a wall at home!). After scrolling through our endless choices of Valspar colours, we came across ‘Sigh of Relief’ within the green range, which perfectly matched the brief! It really complimented the amazing colour of the nests that Fliss and Laura created out of branches collected on a walk through the woods.
Preparation tends to take up the most time when creating our window displays, which these nests and eggs certainly did! They carefully wove the branches around the other, mindful not to snap them and added a little glue to hold them into place. Next, they started on the stands that would hold the nest. To be resourceful we decided that we could use logs that we had previously used as the base of the stand with some dowelling screwed into them. We then painted the dowelling poles in ‘sigh of relief’ to blend it in with the backdrop.
Meanwhile Laura & I gave a couple of base coats of the neutral selected colour range. We left them to dry and then used watered down paint and the handy ‘splatter’ effect to provide a very natural looking speckled egg (so don’t worry everyone, we promise they aren’t a rare type of egg picked up on our walk!).
Props created, we were then able to strategically put together our window installation. This came together really quickly, as most products in store are not loud in colour and so they went beautifully with this colourway. Installing the props usually involves one of us running outside to check the positioning to guide the other person in the window to adjust the display into the perfect angle for our customers walking past. There are usually lots of giggles when we can’t hear each other!
The left window, we decided should mirror the other side with the simplicity of suspending our beautiful hand-crafted wooden light pulls and watering cans to emulate a spring garden scene. We always have bundles of fishing wire at the ready, which is extremely strong and great for hanging various products.
Our favourite part of putting the window together is when passerby’s give us a thumbs up and tell us it is looking great!