Easy Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Table

Festive table with foliage and simple neautral crockery
As we enjoy spending time with friends and family and sharing delicious food over Christmas, the dining table becomes a focal point for festivities. Our style expert, Fliss, has been revamping the large oak dining table in our shop weekly over the past month, and we’re always blown away by her designs! Fliss assures us that you don’t need to spend too much time or break the bank to make your table feel like a scene from a Christmas film, and she’s shared her tips below to help you create a gorgeous, easy, and affordable tablescape and bring some extra magic to your Christmas gatherings:



Placesetting with neutral bowls, napkin, brass napkin ring and rosemary sprig
Foliage is an easy way to bring life to the centre of the table and can be foraged for free! If you have evergreens in your garden, gather some of your favourites, or pick up a bunch of foliage from your local florist, farmers market or supermarket.
For our table I used eucalyptus, which has a lovely deep green colour and can be easily woven around tableware. Adding small sprigs of rosemary (or any other herb) tucked into each napkin ring will make your table smell as beautiful as it looks!



Pinecone fairy light garland on festive table
Adding battery operated fairy lights amongst the foliage creates a lovely glow as evening draws in, and really makes the foliage come alive. I used our Pinecone Fairy Lights to compliment the ‘natural and neutral’ theme of this table, but other lovely options would be the Gold Leaves, Red Jewels or Gold Fern fairy lights.


 Slender candle sticks with dinner candles on moody festive table with Pomegranate and foliage
Tea light holders will add an ambient glow to the table and create a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere for diners – try these Smoke Brown ones that are available in a range of different sizes.
To play with height in your display, why not use a mix of tea light holders and candlesticks with dinner candles. Slender candlesticks can be fitted with coloured dinner candles to match your theme.



Mixed neutral crockery settings on wooden table with foliage and oranges
Don’t be afraid to mix and match your crockery, as I’ve done with the Maya and Ela designs. As I chose neutral, off-white crockery, I used amber glassware to bring warmth and wintery glow to each place setting.
Choosing neutral crockery allows sets to be re-used for all other occasions throughout the year, and you can add more festive touches with other elements of the table.



Table frame with a selection of large and small baubles hanging over festive table
I used the incredibly versatile table frame to add even more visual impact to the table, wrapping around our Copper Wire LED Fairy Lights and then hanging baubles in various sizes. This is a great opportunity to use ornaments that didn’t make it onto your tree.
I recommend playing with the scale here, adding a mix of giant baubles and smaller ornaments  in different shapes. Paper chains and paper snowflakes would also be a lovely addition.
Glass baubles and foliage with lights hung from a table frame at christmas time



Adding fruit to your tablescape is an easy and cost-effective way to add pops of colour. For this table I used festive favourites oranges and clementines, but you could use pears, pomegranates and even artichokes dotted down the centre of the table. Waste not, want not: once the festivities are over, these can go straight back in the fruit bowl!


Oranges and foliage wuith candles on table