Finding Our Way


Our Willow & Stone team has become somewhat smaller in the last few weeks and we’ve had to adapt to working as a team from separate rooms and places as well as learning new skills. With only a few of us at our offices at any one time (and even then in different rooms!) it can be strangely quiet except for the pings of what's-app and emails as we communicate with each other (though admittedly sometimes we just shout).
We have however been thrilled that our loyal customers are still placing orders and keeping us busy. We are working hard to retain our high standards and offer excellent customer service. Our wonderful team has risen to the challenge, bringing positive energy and new ideas everyday.
Above: Laura and Freya working at home updating the website and looking after customers.


Our team have always had a tendency to talk about food; what we had for dinner last night, what we’ve got for lunch, what we wish we had for lunch, should we buy some doughnuts and so on. It quickly became apparent that we missed these chats and soon started sharing pictures of what we were cooking and baking, be it from what we have left in the fridge, with something foraged on that days exercise, or homemade calzone’s cooked in the garden fire pit as part of our children’s home education.
As our collection of recipes grow we will be sharing them on our instagram stories, so look out for easy baking ideas and meal time inspiration by following us here.
Above: Simple oat biscuit and chocolate cake recipes as seen on our instagram stories shared by Fliss and Sarah
We’re not all food food food though, a lovely part of being a member of the Willow & Stone team is the different interests we all have and share, and over the coming weeks members of the team will be writing blog posts to reflect this. Read the latest addition ‘5 things that can bring you joy whilst being at home‘ by Ellie.


You may have spotted (and no doubt if you have children been involved in creating) colourful rainbows popping up in peoples windows. A symbol of peace and hope the rainbows are becoming a way for children to connect to one another whilst they go rainbow spotting on a walk and of course add some lightness at a difficult time for all of us.
We decided to bring some of that brightness to our shop window for people to enjoy whilst passing by on their way to work or to buy provisions. Children have been posting and emailing their beautiful rainbows for us to display together, add yours by emailing them to, we’d love to see and share them –  Oh and it’s not just for kids!


Whilst we are very much taking one day at a time and responding to the evolving situation we are also trying to look forwards with positivity.
We have already completed redecorating many areas of our store and are now working on a range of signage to help tell our story and offer advice about our ironmongery. Rhianna, who would usually be keeping the shop beautiful and serving customers, is currently creating some lovely signs for our play area and to welcome children and dogs.
We look forward to the day we can open our shop doors again and plan to welcome our customers to a fresh, refurbished space.


Everyday we reflect on how lucky we are to be well and to be by the sea (albeit through the window) and of course for our customers who are allowing us to continue and look towards the future with hope. Thank you, your support at this difficult time means the world to us.