Mood Boosting Activities You Can Do From Home

Making time for intentional movement every day makes us feel great at the best of times, but right now as we keep safe indoors, finding some freedom in our bodies feels especially powerful.
Maybe you’re at a loss for what to do with yourself now that your regular fitness class is on hiatus, or maybe you’ve always hated exercise and are relishing the extra sofa time the lockdown has granted you. Either way, I’m a big believer that moving our bodies every day can do wonders for our mental health just as much as our physical bodies. During this ever-changing time as many of us find ourselves feeling anxious and unsure of what the future holds, let’s take this opportunity to reconnect with the one thing we’ll always have – our wonderful bodies!
Here at Willow & Stone HQ we are passionate about a variety of different pursuits, including yoga, paddleboarding, hiking and kickboxing (and of course we enjoy a bit of sofa time too!). Although not all of these activities are accessible to us at the moment, the lockdown is actually a great time to experiment with some different activities in the comfortable and judgement-free environment of your own home!
1. Make your garden a gym
If you’re lucky enough to have an outside space (even if it’s just a tiny balcony) why not kill two birds with one stone and get some fresh air while you work out! Every afternoon my housemates and I load up a free workout video on Youtube, prop the laptop up on a camping stool and hurl ourselves around the garden for half an hour. Dare I say I actually look forward to this every day?!
2. Get friends involved
If you’re a fan of multitasking like I am, why not catch up with your pals and work out at the same time? Arrange a time to meet up (virtually) with your friends to do an exercise or yoga video together, FaceTiming as you go. As so many studios and gyms are now offering live online classes, you could even both book into the same class. It helps to know you’re in it together… and to have someone to complain to afterwards!
3. Try yoga
If lunging around your garden sounds a bit intense, try some gentle movement like yoga. There are tonnes of classes online so you can find a style you like, and most studios are now live-streaming their classes, which means you can engage with the community and see some friendly faces while you practice. If you’re local, try Falmouth Yoga Space which is streaming at least one class a day.
4. Make use of your daily outdoor exercise
As we’re all allowed to go outside for exercise, going out for a brisk walk or gentle jog also gives us an opportunity to connect with the outside world. Try to keep an awareness of what’s around you on these excursions –  take note of the sea views, the trees, or even just the friendly faces of your fellow walkers. Getting some steps in and reminding yourself there’s a world outside your living room will lift your spirits in no time.