Perfect Colour Match

By Jasmine H

Whilst doing my work experience at Willow & Stone I asked some of the staff to describe their dream house including what their front door would look like and which of their door fittings they would choose for their ideal house.


Ellie’s dream property would be a small, old residence which would correspond with her traditional brass door pull and a beautiful, handmade Rose Door Knocker. Colour wise Ellie loves pinks such as, Paint and Paper Library's Rhubarb  and Valspa Juicy Ruby Paint. 


Brass rose door knocker with pink paint sample card


In my chat with Ruth, she shared her dream property vision, picturing a cozy 1940’s bungalow with a charming veranda, which she was very excited about. For the decoration of her front door Ruth decided she would choose to pair her Paint and Paper Library Apple Smiles Green front door with a unique Cod Door Knocker  adding charm and character.


Brass cod door knocker on green background in someone's hands


Ellie (who gives a warm welcome into the Falmouth shop) described her dream property as simple yet pretty, envisioning a seamless connection between the living space and garden. When we discussed her dream front door Ellie described a pop of pink for her door adorned with an Aged Brass Hoop Door Knocker.


Laura would design her own mid-century style home from scratch, hidden away, incorporating lots of natural looking architecture such as the use of wood and stone. Laura described her front door to be simple, featuring her favourite finish, distressed antique brass. Here she selected the Oval Door Knob with Farrow & Ball's London Stone.


Distressed antique brass oval door knob on stone coloured background


In my conversation with Rochelle (their super helpful customer service assistant who responds to emails), she painted a vivid picture of her dream mediterranean street house with two olive trees outside her arched turquoise doorway, complete with an Aged Brass Hoop Door Knocker.


Aged brass hoop door knocker with turquoise sample card


When speaking with Saskia (their friendly head of customer services who you will find on the end of the phone) she envisioned a grand Georgian double fronted house, a porch and an elegant wisteria. Her dream door would be a serene green colour, such as Farrow & Ball's Lichen, complemented by a Willow & Stone popular choice of the Woodpecker Door Knocker which she chose because she believed it exuded good character, adding a touch of whimsy and warmth to her ideal home entrance.


Woodpecker door knocker on Lichen green background


During my interview with Lauren, she shared her vision of her dream beach house with charming brass door fittings including our Brass Fox Door Knocker designed in Devon.


Brass fox door knocker with strike plate showing beautiful face and curled tail on hand