Why Use An Indoor Clothes Airer?

wooden clothes horse airer with linens inside house
There are so many reasons to love summer – longer days, barbecues, warm evenings, the list goes on! And when it comes to household chores, the sunny season means you can dry a load of laundry outside in less than a day. Perfect for tackling that suitcase full of dirty laundry you bring home from your summer holidays…
As summer draws to a close and the cooler, wetter autumn months approach, investing in an indoor clothes airer will allow you to keep drying your clothes without the use of an energy-zapping tumble dryer. We love using clothes airers in our homes, and we’ve compiled our top reasons why below:


Regular use of a tumble dryer throughout the winter months will increase your energy bill. As clothes airers simply rely on the natural warmth and ventilation of your home, they don’t cost anything to use.
White wooden clothes airer hung on wall in laundry room


As well as using more electricity, tumble dryers also contribute to your household’s carbon emissions. With an increasing awareness of sustainability in our homes, we love having a way to dry our clothes that doesn’t contribute to our carbon footprint.


Even if you follow the care instructions to the letter, rogue tumble dryers can still cause shrinkage and pilling to your favourite clothes. It’s so upsetting to pull your favourite piece of clothing out of the dryer only to realise it now looks like it’s come from the children’s section!
Repeated tumble drying can damage clothes over time, whereas using an airer will ensure that clothes are dried flat and without creases.
Traditional wooden and iron sheila maid clothes airer hung from ceiling


Before purchasing an indoor clothes airer, consider the room you’ll use it in. If you have a solid ceiling and want to maximise the space in your drying room, a Sheila Maid is a great option as these are suspended from the ceiling and raised and lowered via pulleys. This also means that if your heating is on, laundry can benefit from the rising hot air without the airer blocking heat at floor level.
If your ceiling isn’t suitable for mounting a Sheila Maid (this will depend on the position of beams and joists) but you’d still like a sturdy, fixed airer, our Wall Mounted Wooden Clothes Airer is a great option and can be folded against the wall when not in use. We love this airer as you can fit an extra pair of brackets on an external wall, fence, or balcony, allowing you to move the airer outside on sunny days.
If you’d prefer something less permanent, a classic wooden standing airer like a Zig Zag Clothes Dryer or the Wooden Clothes Horse have the benefit of being easy to move around the house and can be stored neatly out of sight when not in use.
wooden zig zag clothes horse with laundry on
Upright wooden clothes horse airer with tea towels on