Aged Brass Maintenance


Curved hooded drawer pull made from solid brass with an aged finish on grey drawer

About the finish

Hand applied over solid, unlacquered brass, our Aged Brass finish gives pieces a warm, golden colour which is enhanced with a dark ageing.
This matte finish has a softly aged appearance, and is one of our ‘living finishes’, meaning the appearance of the finish will continue to develop over time. With use, the finish will gently wear through on contact areas to reveal the unlacquered brass beneath, which in turn will oxidise and tarnish beautifully.


Suitable for interior and exterior use.
As this finish is applied to solid brass, Aged Brass pieces won’t rust or corrode, however as the finish is unlacquered pieces will age and tarnish over time, and this will happen more quickly when used externally.


Aged Brass fittings receive a protective wax coating as the final step in manufacturing, and to maintain your Aged Brass door furniture all you need to do is apply a light layer of beeswax polish from time to time.
Don’t use any cleaning agents or brass polishes on Aged Brass as this can remove the finish. If needed, wipe gently with a damp cloth to clean.

Top tips

Any scratches that reveal the Brass beneath will tarnish and dull down over time, blending in and enhancing the authentic antique look.
As the matching screws are made from solid brass (a reasonably soft metal), we recommend drilling a pilot hole first so that minimal pressure is put on the screws themselves.
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