Distressed Antique Brass Maintenance



About the finish

To achieve this finish, a dark ageing is applied over solid unlacquered brass to give a rich, deep brown shade with some golden and lighter brown hues. The surface is then brushed and weathered to enhance the aged appearance and to give a lovely depth to the finish.
Distressed Antique Brass is described as a ‘living finish’, as it will continue to develop over time.
Normal use and handling will allow the finish on contact points to gently wear through to the solid Brass beneath, which in turn will age and dull down to a deeper shade.


Suitable for interior and exterior use.
As this finish is applied over solid Brass it’s suitable for use outside, although bear in mind that as this finish is unlacquered, any fittings that are exposed to the elements will likely tarnish more quickly than those fitted inside the home.


Distressed Antique Brass fittings are lightly waxed prior to dispatch to protect the finish. To maintain the finish, an occasional reapplication of pure Beeswax is all that is needed.
Avoid using any cleaning agents or brass polishes on your Distressed Antique Brass fittings as these can remove the finish. To remove any dirt or grime, simply wipe with a soft, damp cloth.

Top tips

Don’t worry if any scratches appear on your Distressed Antique Brass fittings and reveal the Brass beneath, as these will tarnish over time to blend in and will only serve to enhance the antique appearance.
As this finish is hand applied, it may vary slightly in appearance, but we think this contributes to the authentic aged look.

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