Exterior Beeswax Maintenance



About the finish

Black Beeswax is one of our favourite finishes for cottages and rustic properties, but as this finish isn’t suitable for outdoor use or damp environments (due to the steel base beneath the Beeswax coating being susceptible to rust), unfortunately this took this gorgeous, rich finish out of the running for front doors and steamy rooms. So, we were thrilled when this popular finish got an
upgrade – enter Exterior Beeswax!

The Exterior Beeswax finish has been specially formulated from anti-corrosive Beeswax and has been salt-tested for 480 hours, meeting Grade 5 British standard. The Exterior Beeswax coating gives the same matte richness to products as our usual Beeswax finish, with subtle undertones ranging from deep blue to a red ochre.


Suitable for interior and exterior use, due to the special formulation of the Beeswax.


Although Exterior Beeswax is much more durable than its interior counterpart, a little care is still required. To maintain, a layer of maintenance wax should be reapplied periodically to protect against the elements. It's worth bearing in mind that a little wear adds to the traditional patina and enhances it rather than detracts!

Top tips

As products are hung to dry after being dipped in Beeswax, on occasion small lumps of Beeswax can form at the end of the piece. To remove, simply buff away with a soft cloth to redistribute the wax.
If in doubt, drop us an email and we'd be happy to help - contact us at sales@willowandstone.co.uk