Exterior Beeswax Maintenance


Black Beeswax which has a soft, almost dark grey appearance looks superb adorning cottage doors. However, we have had problems in the past with the longevity of such products as the Steel beneath a coating of Beeswax eventually rusts - this can happen much quicker in salty environments or on items with heavy use. Personally I don't particularly like the black painted finish that you often find available nowadays (it's too shiny and rich for a really authentic look).
So we were really excited to find that one of our suppliers has recently developed an 'Exterior Beeswax' finish that has been specially formulated from anti-corrosive Beeswax. This finish has been salt tested for 480 hours, meeting Grade 5 British standard.
The Beeswax finish adds a matte richness to each product and has deep undertones from blue to deep red ochre. Although Exterior Beeswax products are far more robust than the internal Beeswax finish, a little care is still required. To maintain, a layer of maintenance wax should be reapplied periodically to protect against the elements. It's worth bearing in mind that a little wear adds to the traditional patina and enhances it rather than detracts!
As products are hung to dry after being dipped in Beeswax, on occasion small lumps of Beeswax can form at the end of the piece. To remove, simply buff away with a soft cloth to redistribute the wax.