Gun Metal Maintenance


Gun Metal Hooded Drawer Pull on pale drawer

About The Finish

Pieces are cast from solid bronze and then polished to a high shine. The mirror like surface beautifully enhances the rose-gold shade of the finish. Gun Metal is a lovely alternative to our Polished Brass finish if you’re looking for a warmer shade or a more distinctive choice.
Surface blemishes and small indentations on the surface are a natural effect of the sand-casting process due to the porosity of bronze and make every piece unique, and as this finish is unlacquered it will deepen and develop over time as fittings oxidise.


Suitable for interior and exterior use.
Solid bronze won’t rust or corrode so is suitable for external use, but as this finish is unlacquered it will age and tarnish over time and this process will be accelerated if pieces are exposed to the elements. We love to watch our fittings age gracefully, but if you’d prefer a brighter finish you can keep tarnishing at bay with regular cleaning.


To keep the finish looking bright and shiny we recommend regular polishing with Brasso and a soft, dry cloth. This is particularly helpful for pieces fitted outside, as cleaning will remove the build-up of atmospheric pollutants which can affect the finish over time.
Alternatively, you can clean fittings sporadically and allow a beautifully authentic, aged patina to develop with use.

Top Tips

For fittings supplied with matching Gun Metal screws, we recommend drilling pilot holes first to avoid putting excessive pressure on the screws during fitting.
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