Light Antique Brass Maintenance



About the finish

Light Antique Brass is a subtle antique finish that is hand applied giving individual character to each piece. This finish, introduced to our range in 2021, bridges the gap between the dark and textured ‘Distressed Antique Brass’ and the lighter matte ‘Satin Brass’.
Light Antique Brass has the naturally warm tone of Brass with a soft, slightly darker patina which is applied with a gorgeous, brushed texture and will continue to age naturally. This is a ‘living finish’ meaning it will change over time and with use, as normal wear and handling will highlight the raised areas by revealing the solid Brass beneath.


Suitable for interior and exterior use.
As Light Antique Brass pieces are made from solid brass they are resistant to rust and corrosion, however as the finish is unlacquered, it will tarnish and develop over time, and this will happen at an accelerated rate if used outside.


Light Antique Brass pieces are applied with a layer of protective wax coating during manufacturing, and to maintain your Aged Brass pieces you can simply preserve this by applying a light layer of beeswax polish every so often.
Avoid using any cleaning agents or brass polishes on Light Antique Brass as this can remove the finish. If needed, wipe gently with a damp cloth to clean.

A collection of light antique brass ironmongery from Willow & Stone

Top tips

Any scratches that reveal the Brass beneath will tarnish and dull down over time, blending in and enhancing the authentic antique look.
As the matching screws are solid Brass, a reasonably soft metal, use a pilot screw to make the hole so that minimal pressure is put on the screws themselves.
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