Natural Iron Maintenance


Natural Iron Single Hook

About The Finish

Products in the Natural Iron range are made from cast iron which has been polished to give this rustic material a smooth finish (making it a sleek alternative to our Cast Iron range). The casting process leaves some darker shading around detailed areas which gives a lovely depth to fittings.
Finally, a layer of clear, matt lacquer offers protection to the finish and improves the smooth texture.
Natural Iron is an extremely versatile finish with a neutral, silvery-grey tone, making it a perfect choice for contemporary and traditional homes alike.


Suitable for interior use.
Although the lacquer provides a layer of protection for indoor use, exposure to the elements can affect the lacquer and cause it to wear through, leaving the natural iron beneath susceptible to rust.


There’s little maintenance required for Natural Iron fittings due to their layer of protective lacquer.
Simply wipe with a soft, dry cloth from time to time to remove dust, and a damp cloth if further cleaning is needed.
An occasional application of maintenance wax will preserve the lacquer and offer further protection to the finish, especially if used in damp internal environments.

Top Tips

If a light surface rust appears, this can be easily removed with a fine grade wire wool. Follow with an application on maintenance wax.
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