5 Things That Can Bring You Joy Whilst Being at Home (Self Isolating)


During this time most of us are staying at home and having to cull our social lives, work routines, fitness classes and a lot of normality! This can be seen as unsettling and a touch restrictive…but it is happening to us all and we are all doing our best to be responsible and to keep everyone as safe as possible. Nevertheless, let us make lemonade and use this extremely rare (hopefully once in our lifetime!) opportunity to slow down the pace of our lives and live beautifully, taking pleasure in doing the things you cannot normally justify the luxury of spending time on.
1. Laughter is contagious, so is fear. Probably the simplest but most vital thing is your mind set in all of this; fill your house with abundant laughter, music and good vibes. Have a day (or more if you can hack it!) without social media and the news. Unplug, log off and create a positive environment that you and your cherished ones can have fun in – the rest will still be online when you get back to it.
2. I have kept a diary since I was nine, reading these back alone could give me 12 weeks of giggle fits and entertainment. However, I will be writing in my journal throughout this roller-coaster and suggest that you do the same. Self reflection helps personal growth, and for me I find who I am again when I write. Which is wonderful in itself, but also can help you channel your goals and spark that bit of “you” back in to making plans and creating a life that you find beautiful. If you struggle with what to write here are a few journal prompts to help – you can answer them or make lists:
When do I feel most energised and positive?
What are your happiest memories so far?
Where will I be in one year/three years/five years time?
What limiting beliefs are holding me back?
3. Go to Bath Spa… haha a weak pun since spas and beauty clinics are not open, but in the future the spas of this world will be our oyster. For now however, light up your favourite aromatherapy candle (we have some beautiful ones in our shop in Falmouth!), run a bubble bath and whack a bit of Enya on. Give yourself some self-care; summer is around the bend and your future self will be so thankful of you doing some dry body brushing, scrubbing of those tootsies (I can’t call mine tootsies – they’re are more like hooves currently!) and do a mani pedi. 
4. Meal planning: once again the future you will be awfully thankful and smug many times over for having the decision made and ingredients in the fridge ready at hand. Whilst having a lot less routine in our lives this is an enjoyable time to add some structure to your day and take time to flick through your beautiful cookery books and choose some nourishing meals that make for better dinner choices than you would if you were rushed, tired and hangry.
5. Declutter, spring clean and clear out. Read our next blog for how to naturally freshen up your abode, simplify your treasures and make better buying choices so you don’t keep repeating bad habits of purchasing things that don’t always stand the test of time.