New Spring Window Display

Once again we have been able to open our doors and welcome people back inside our lovely Harbour-side shop. Something we have been long awaiting since the beginning of the year and it’s great to see the high street looking so vibrant again with people enjoying the wonderful amenities that Falmouth has to offer.  For our grand opening we have been busy dusting, cleaning and generally having a big sort out to get things ready in time for the big day! 
Along with our shop opening our thoughts turned to creating the new window display and as we have also been enjoying the first few days of spring with sunnier skies and the start of long drawn-out evenings, we wanted to create a window that encompassed both the freshness of spring and also reflect how we are now able to come together in small groups in an outdoor setting. 
We started by repainting the walls inside the window in a lovely soft pink and the floors in an off-white to give it a big bright lift from the darker blues and greens we had been using over the winter.  In the first window, we started off with the idea of having an alfresco dining table dressed with some of our gorgeous tableware and surrounded with lots of plants and greenery and outdoor lighting. However, although a great idea in theory! We soon realised that the visual impact of the table in the window wasn’t creating the desired effect we were looking for as it created a slightly two dimensional feature when looking at it from the street view. So after several hours of moving products around, changing the height of the table and generally recreating the layout in as many ways as we could while mulling over several cups of tea, we eventually had to accept defeat and come up with a new plan.
We were looking forward to using some of our gorgeous new products in the table scene by creating a gold and blue themed design with hints of pink and amber. One of the main products we were planning to feature were our beautiful new Indigo Hammered Wine Glasses and Indigo Hammered Tumblers. We were then going to combine these with some of our ever popular Indigo Drop Dinner Plates and then add gold touches with our new Veeta Serving Spoons and Slender Brass Candlesticks. We did still manage to sneak some of these items into the new design though. 
So next for the new plan! Maintaining the outdoor feel we decided to create a cosy outdoor seating area complete with a barbecue, lighting and lots and lots of throws and cushions! In keeping with our fresh spring look we mainly used light, warm, fresh colours such as pinks, yellows, soft greys and creams and accented these with some lovely deep blue products. We hung some of our lovely Festoon Lights around the top of the window and then created a ‘blanket’ of light above the seating area with our Copper Wire String lights (which can be used both indoors and outdoors). We combined this with some of our gorgeous Merino wool throws, perfect for keeping warm on a chilly spring evening. We wanted the final design to represent that lovely cosy warm feeling that comes from sitting outside on a spring evening with some accent lighting, warm blankets and a fire to keep the toes warm! 
In the second window we wanted to continue with the fresh spring like theme, and used very similar colours and tones. We have recently received lots of new pots and planters as well as outdoor lighting so we wanted to make this a feature in both windows. The idea behind the second window was a conservatory style scene which would represent somewhere to sit and relax while having lots of pots and plants dotted around enjoying the sunshine. In order to create extra greenery Fliss made some ‘faux’ plants by cutting out some green card and cleverly shaping it into various plant designs as well as some cute daffodils to add an extra bit of colour. 
There are lots of lovely items in this window (too many to choose from!) but some of our favourites include the Ceramic Planters, our new Etched Plant Pots, gorgeous Antique Brass Plant Stands and Hanging Rattan Plant Pots.
We love our new outdoor lighting that has just arrived and have hung the Solar Lanterns in and around the windows so that they will light up after the sun goes down. They come in several different shapes and colours and are a great way to add some mood lighting to a patio or decking area. We also have our new versatile Solar ‘Ivy’ Lights which are great for wrapping around trees, decking or pergolas and they come in both an indoor and outdoor option. 
 Lastly we wanted to add a personal touch to the window so Rhianna drew a lovely ‘Welcome Back’ sign on the back wall in her eye catching hand writing. (Click on the link to check out her lovely illustrations on Instagram)
Overall these windows have been a delight to do and as much as we are all a bit obsessed with Christmas here, it has been great to repaint, redesign and put a new lease of life into the windows again. 
We look forward to bringing the next window to you in the near future... look out for a sea themed design, complete with a giant whale called Walter and some underwater treasures...