Taking Care Of Your Front Door

We are always inspired by beautiful front doors here at Willow & Stone and we love seeing our front door furniture on our customers doors. Take a look at our gallery for some wonderful examples.
To keep a period front door in good condition and looking it’s best, maintenance is key. You should inspect your wooden door regularly. Check for rot, infestation and that joints and hinges are fine and if it needs a new coat of paint.
Whatever type of front door you have keeping it clean will ensure it looks fresh and welcoming.
Give your front door a spring clean with our guide below.
Remove as much surface dust and debris as possible using either a duster or vacuum cleaner with nozzle attachment.
Clean your front door with a mixture of gentle dish soap and warm water and dry off with paper towel. For painted wooden front doors make sure your cleaning solution is well diluted to avoid stripping away any colour.
If you have glass in your front door you can make sure it’s clear and streak free. You can do this with a simple homemade vinegar solution. Mix one part water to one part white vinegar and add a little dish soap if it’s particularly dirty. If your window has any surface scratches you can polish them out using toothpaste and a soft cloth.
If your door is stained wood apply a furniture wax to give it a satisfying glow.
Clean any front door furniture. Again using a gentle mix of warm water and dish soap, with a soft cleaning cloth (a clean soft toothbrush can be used for any crevices). Then rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly with paper towel to avoid water marks.
If you have solid brass or polished nickel door furniture and like them to shine you can apply a suitable polish using a soft cloth (we use Brasso for brass and Autosol or Silvo for polished nickel – apply sparingly.) You can find out more on maintaining a range of door furniture finishes in our How to Guides’.