Beeswax Maintenance



About the finish

To achieve this finish, pieces are forged from steel and then coated in a layer of pure Beeswax which lends a lovely softness to the steel. We refer to this finish as ‘Black Beeswax’, but whilst dark in colour, there are in fact an array of subtle hues visible in the finished product, from deep blue to a rich red ochre. The rustic appearance of this traditional finish lends itself particularly well to cottages and country homes.


Suitable for interior use. While the Beeswax coating provides a basic layer of protection against moisture, the steel beneath is susceptible to rust if used in damp environments, so the Beeswax finish isn’t suitable for use outside or in damp rooms such as bathrooms (see our Exterior Beeswax finish for these applications).


Should a light surface rust appear, this can be easily removed using a fine grade wire wool, and following with an application of maintenance wax.
For general maintenance, simply reapply a layer of maintenance wax to your products from time to time.

Top tips

Occasionally Beeswax products will develop a white bloom while inside the packaging – simply buff with a soft cotton cloth to remove.
As products are hung to dry after being dipped in Beeswax, on occasion small lumps of Beeswax can form at the end of the piece. To remove, simply buff away with a soft cloth to redistribute the wax.
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