Beeswax Maintenance


This traditional authentic finish is particularly suitable for cottages and country houses. We refer to this finish as 'black' but in fact, whilst dark in colour with an uneven wax finish, the forging of these products creates deep red ochres and blues in the steel.
To keep your product looking it's best and to preserve the finish it has been given a Beeswax coating. Not only does this wax protect the product, it also gives a subtle matte richness to the colour of the metal. We recommend that you apply pure Beeswax to these products from time to time to help maintain the appearance and keep up the protection against corrosion.
Our Beeswax products are only suitable for internal use as the product will rust if outdoors or exposed to moisture. Should a light surface rust appear, if used in a bathroom or a damp environment, we recommend a 00 grade wire wool to carefully remove. After the rust is removed, apply a fresh layer of pure Beeswax to protect the product. Sometimes the product will appear to have a white bloom to the finish but all you need to do is buff with a soft cotton cloth to remove the white appearance and restore the subtle matt richness the Beeswax creates.