Create Your Perfect Front Door

The art of the front door can be diverse and versatile with many different options available to create the perfect entrance to your home or business. From deep blues and pinks to softer greys and creams, it can be as bold or as simple as the mood takes you…
With ironmongery to suit every door colour, shape and size. There are so many different styles and finishes to make the door your own while still in-keeping with the style and period of the house. These can be used to enhance (or hide!) certain features or tie in colours nicely together – depending on what the overall effect needs to be, there will always be a shade, finish or design to help make this happen. 
Below we have put together some ideas inspired by some beautiful doors that we have come across along the way, with some tips and links on how to recapture these looks to create the perfect statement door of your own!
To begin I thought I would jump right in with one of my favourite front door images from Veranda Magazine.
With two colours that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to work well together, they look stunning in situ on this building. Combined with the natural foliage above the veranda, this design creates a warm and welcoming entrance and shows that sometimes it pays to be bold with colour and design. They have used polished brass products in and around the door along with darker distressed antique brass finish for the numbers on the side.
To recapture some of this design our Brass Art Deco Letterplate could be used as a feature or if preferred a simple Plain Brass Letterplate would work just as well. A pair of round Large Cottage Bun Door Knobs along with a Round Covered Escutcheon  would look great with this design. For the numbers simply choose a distressed antique brass finish (DAB for short!) or alternatively if you would prefer to keep the polished brass theme throughout just select this finish in the same category. We also sell some lovely bell pushes in several different designs, I have picked out the concave design for this one.
With a very different style and look, this beautiful pale pink front door by the London Door Company has a much softer tone which highlights and compliments this polished brass door furniture. In order to recreate a similar design we have several items made from solid brass that would work perfectly against this style of door. 
Our Plain Brass Letterplate comes in different sizes depending on what would be suitable for your door. We also have the Hoop Door Knocker in a large or small size and the Centre Door Pull is octagonal in shape (again in two different sizes!) which would look lovely in amongst the rest of the door styling. And lastly we have a Cylinder Latch Pull similar to the one shown here on the upper half of the door.
Another door that I found on the London Door Company website that I couldn’t resist is this deep red door colour with polished nickel fittings encompassed by the red brick building. Polished Nickel is such a lovely finish and easy to maintain, with a quick polish every now and again to bring it back to its original shine. Or alternatively, as all of our products are unlacquered, they can also be left to age naturally over time depending on the desired effect.
For the centre door pull we would use a lovely Round 3 Inch Door Pull which would work beautifully with the Polished Nickel Letterplate along with the stylish Doctors Door Knocker. (Or if you wanted to spice it up a bit a London Doctors Door Knocker would also look just as effective). We also have standard Uncovered Escutcheons in varying shapes and styles as well as Euro Escutcheons (as shown on the image) depending on what style of lock you may have. 
This deep yellow door that I found on the Remodelista website looks gorgeous in amongst the natural green tones. The contrast between the vibrant yellow and the darker distressed antique brass door furniture sits perfectly together. In quite a simply designed door the mixture of colours and tones creates a charming effect. 
In order to recreate something similar to this style we would use a Distressed Antique Brass (DAB) Letterplate, a Doctor’s Door KnockerDAB Numbers and although they have used a polished brass door handle and escutcheon, I would keep along the same theme and use a pair of DAB Cushion Door Knobs and a Round Covered Escutcheon similar to the one shown in the picture. 
The softer tones of these two doors work really well with both the distressed antique brass and the polished nickel finish. The door on the left is from the Glitter Inc. website and features a door knocker similar to our Lion’s Head Door Knocker in DAB.
The second door features a similar Lion’s Head Door Knocker in a Polished Nickel. With either finish these lion door knockers create a striking feature on any door. We also supply a smaller version of this door knocker in an aged nickel and in polished antique brass if they might be more suitable for the layout or dimensions of your door. 
Side by side these two doors look beautifully balanced together. Found on the House Beautiful website, I love the use of colour and style on these two doors and it shows how versatile door furniture is, working equally well against the two colours to create a vibrant yet calming entrance. 
Although they have used a polished nickel finish here, it would also work just as well with a satin nickel finish. I have included the links to our satin nickel range for each of the items, the only difference being the two door knockers, one of the door knockers could be recreated using a Doctors Door Knocker on the green door and a Hoop Door Knocker on the purple door. For the centre door pulls, a Round 3 inch Door Pull would work as well as a Plain Satin Nickel Letterplate.
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