Sreepur Village Charity

I recently was introduced to Sreepur Village, a not for profit charity based in Bangladesh…
It’s that time of year when families start planning what they will be doing for Christmas, who they will be celebrating with and what they will be putting on their wish lists. The Sreepur Village, Bangladesh, is like one big family.  It provides shelter, a place to call home, and life-saving services to over 200 women and 450 children who are amongst the country’s poorest.  As the only charity in Bangladesh to keep these mothers with their children, on The Sreepur Village’s wish list this year is to give more families hope for a brighter future.
In the Sreepur Village, Christmas is a time to recognise the birthdays of all their mothers and children, as, having been abandoned at an early age, the majority have never had a birthday, as they don’t know and will never know the date on which they were born.
This year we are selling their Christmas cards in store. The eco-friendly and fair trade cards are all made entirely by hand by the women of The Sreepur Village Outreach Project.  By sending their cards this Christmas, you’ll help more women and children out of poverty today, and empower them, with the education and skills they need to live an independent and successful future. The in-house school provides children with an education and the opportunity to re-write their futures.  They also provide women literacy classes, practical employment skills and vital life skills such as nutrition and how to grow your own vegetables. Having the opportunity to learn such skills means more vulnerable women can feel confident when looking for work in their own communities and can feel happy in the knowledge that they can independently support their families for the future.  
Support The Sreepur Village this Christmas and you will be giving women and children a birthday to remember! If you’d like to find out more visit their site here. Thanks for reading!